Monday, 17 May 2010

Wedding Songs - My Top Five

And we're back...

This is a bit of a cheat really, as nobody's ever sung it, but it has been played as the bride walked down the aisle.... at number 5, Billy Idol and the fabulous White Wedding sorry, this is one of those "embed disabled by request" ones...

At 4, something deeply Scottish, Mhairi's Wedding, with lyrics you can easily customise yourself (and you can hardly perform it worse than this!)

At 3, Percy Sledge, When A Man Loves A Woman... always a bit of a strain on those high notes

This week's number two, it's Van the Man and Have I Told You Lately...

And my all-time favourite, at number one, it has to be The Proclaimers and 500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be) - and if you don't know what "haver" means, ask me.

Friday, 14 May 2010

I Feel A Song Comin' On...

I'm just about to go out to a wedding rehearsal, and just reading the script made me smile and remember the many many different songs people have chosen to sing at their wedding. Here's my not-quite Top Ten, pop-pickers

In at number 10, The Ramones

Down to 9 from last week's number 4, It Must Be Love, by Labi Siffre

At 8 with a bullet, Andy Williams, Can't Take My Eyes Off You

This week's 7, All You Need Is Love, by The Beatles

And at number 6, from my Dutch-Scottish wedding, Zij Geloof in Mij

we'll be right back with the top 5 after the break

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Father of the Bride Speaks...

I'm used to getting emails from couples I've married, but this is a first - a message from the parents of the bride, whose wedding I conducted last weekend over in Fife, at Balbirnie Castle!

It was a great day, and I'm pretty sure that Victoria and Will enjoyed it too, but as they're away on their honeymoon, I thought I'd let Jan and John speak for themselves.

Dear Tim,

We have just about returned to the planet following our daughter’s wedding. What a great day. Balbirnie sure have it down to a fine art and did the sun not shine all afternoon ?

However we were blown away by the service itself and utterly charmed by the perfect tone you created. The atmosphere was pleasantly appropriate but fun, formal but light hearted all at the same time. The congregation were relaxed but expectant, a bit like football fans before a Cup Final!

We loved your touch of having the couple turn and face their friends so they could see just how happy everybody was for them. How uplifting.

Our daughter beamed throughout the whole day and that was in no small measure due to your skill in conducting the service.

That was our first Humanist Wedding. We have been to a few Humanist Funerals in the past and have always come away feeling the better for having done so.

Friday however was just great and couldn’t have been better. Happiness is infectious and that was very evident at Balbirnie.

Many Many Thanks, 
John and Jan Loudon.

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