Saturday, 17 April 2010

Thursday is the new Saturday - Official!

I was waiting to celebrate Lee & Kelly's wedding at the Vu, the stunning hilltop venue just outside Bathgate, when I got talking to the very helpful young assistant, Mhairi Donald.

It turned out that she's a Business Studies student at Glasgow Caledonian University, and is working as a waitress at The Vu not just to make some useful cash, but to learn all about how to run a successful business.

She told me that The Vu isn't free on a single Saturday between now and 2012, but that smart couples are choosing to marry on a Thursday, and are telling their friends to make a long weekend of it.

As a result, The Vu is busy with weddings from Thursday to Sunday: you can see why.

These great pics come from Photos by George. And you can find out more about The Vu here

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I found your website extremely useful and really enjoyable. Thankyou.

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