Thursday, 26 March 2009

Can you spare half a minute?

That's all it will take to see this quick montage of images taken (almost entirely) from weddings I've celebrated over the last year. I used a free software tool called Animoto, which was created a couple of year ago by some former MTV producers. It's very intuitive, extremely easy to use and it might be a cool way to create a wedding invitation from photos you've collected over the time you've been together that you could then post to your web site or email to all your guests. Just a thought...

My thanks to all the couples whose images appear here: Calum & Jill, Damian & Paula, Lou & Bob, John & Victoria, Ash & Rachel, Sarah & Robert, Davina & Nick, Jen & Brian, Caroline & Bruce, Jane & David and of course to Mrs Maguire... happy memories!

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