Friday, 13 June 2008

Jo and Stephie's Humanist Wedding at Mansfield Traquair

I was delighted to receive these shots from a wedding I conducted at Edinburgh's answer to The Sistine Chapel, the beautiful Mansfield Traquair in September 2007. It's a stunning building that used to be a great music and alternative arts venue called 'Cafe Graffiti' where Stephie and Jo spent many happy evenings.

This is a slightly nervous Stephie before the ceremony

And this is Jo coming up the aisle with her dad.

One of the best bits was the music - they had a wonderful band and among other pieces, they gave us the old Andy Williams classic, "You're too Good to be True" - you know the one that goes "dah dit, dah dit, dah dit dit dit dit, dah dit, dah dit, dah dit dit dit dit, dah dit, dah dit, dah dit dit dit dit diiiiiit. I love you baaby..."

Try singing along to that with a straight face..!

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