Friday, 13 June 2008

Colette & Neil's Humanist Wedding at the Queen Charlotte Rooms

More and more couples are doing it backwards - having a family first and then getting married and in some ways I find these ceremonies the most moving of all! This photo of Neil and Colette's family formed the backdrop to their wedding, and all the kids played their part.

Michael was the best man, Nicola read a poem, Lee-Ann and Tracey gave readings and wee Ryan ran around making all the grannies smile.

Colette and Neil wrote their own vows to one another and spoke them directly, which was very moving. I remember looking out into the room and seeing all these big blokes looking up to the ceiling, and blinking.

Neil's brother Derek and Colette's friend Sheena were both delighted to see them finally married after all these years.


Mawdsley said...

Neil and I would like to thank you for a terrific ceremony, all our guests are still talking about it, telling us it's the best wedding they have been to. We made such the right choice it was perfect for us, just how we wanted it (made all the stress worth it). I would recommend anyone to chose this for their big day.

Tim Maguire, Humanist Celebrant said...

Thanks Colette - that's really kind! X

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