Friday, 17 November 2017

Zoë and Scott's Humanist Wedding at The Balmoral Hotel

It's not often I marry a teacher to a pupil, but that was how Zoë and Scott met, when Zoë was a final year medical student and Scott gave her extra teaching for her final exams. 

They kept in touch when Zoë went to Australia on her elective, and once back in the UK, she won Scott’s heart by plying him with lemon drizzle cake. 

 Despite that, the path of their romance wasn't always smooth. 

When Scott realized that Zoë had never been to Scotland, he arranged for a surprise trip - to Paris. And when he first tried to propose, on Valentine’s Day 2013 their trip to a romantic hotel in the Highlands started in a blizzard and ended 5 hours later, stuck in a snowdrift 100 yards from the hotel. Zoe and the Scottish weather stymied Scott's next two attempts, but eventually they made it to their big day at The Balmoral Hotel.

 When I married them in 2014, their family consisted only of Callie, the cute Labrador, and Molly the one eyed, overweight, rescue cat. 

When I met them again at Ingrid and Tom's wedding last month, they'd been joined by Ailsa, and they were awaiting another inbound arrival very soon, so I was delighted to get these photographs this morning, along with this message from Zoe. "We are really enjoying married life and I really do think I love Scott a little bit more everyday!"

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