Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Marie & Keith's Humanist Wedding at Dundas Castle

People keep telling me they've seen me conducting weddings in videos all over the web, but I've never seen any: till now. Keith and Marie got married earlier this year, all the way up the ancient spiral stone staircase of the Old Keep at Dundas Castle, and it was a wonderful occasion, as you can see.

They sent me a lovely card, that said, "We honestly can't thank you enough. You helped us create a ceremony that was true to ourselves, which to us was most important.

"Although we did find writing it difficult (because there was so  much we wanted to say), you helped us every step of the way and it was worth every minute we spent on it. Writing it really made it clear what was important to us and it brought us even closer together (if that was even possible!)

"We have received an abundance of compliments for the ceremony. Many of our guests had never experienced a humanist ceremony before, and one of them (who is anti-marriage usually - except for us!) said that the ceremony was amazing and the best wedding he has been to - quite a compliment from him! In fact he's recommended you to his mum!

"Our wedding was all the better because of you. It really was the best day of our lives - thank you for being a part of it!"

It was a lovely ceremony and seeing it on film really brings it back: I especially enjoyed being upstaged with perfect timing by a young lad who'd got bored of being in the audience and who'd decided to come up and play with one of the flower girls instead - that's the kind of thing you can never predict, and it always makes the day even more enjoyable. So thank you Keith and Marie for allowing me to share your greatest day, and thanks also to Adam Troup of Inspire Video for the excellent clip.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thank you, Scottish Wedding Directory!

Big thanks to Natasha from SWD for interviewing me for her blog on what makes Humanist weddings so special. The pic above comes from Kevin & Kellie's wedding at Edinburgh Castle at the end of last year which was a blast, and you'll get a sense of it if you take a moment to read the article here

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Jo and Sandy's Humanist Wedding at Howie's Waterloo Place

I've never had a thank you card quite like this one: it's a Smilebox, sent to me by Sandy and Jo whose wedding last November was a total hoot. You can see it here and listen to it too: the soundtrack is the song they chose to have all their guests sing to them during the ceremony, and it's a classic!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fame at last!

My former life in adland rarely comes back to haunt me, but I was really tickled to see that I made the front cover of must-have Ad-Mag David Reviews today. Why? Well in a couple of months from now,  I'm going to be in a  garden somewhere near Glasgow, conducting the wedding of its editor, Jason Stone, and the lovely Alice May, and for reasons known only to them, they've written a little story about me on the site. Touched? I am. And they definitely are!

Abigail and Ryan's Humanist Wedding at The Signet Library

 I don't usually post photos from the prep, but these candid snaps by Ricky Baillie are too good not to share! David (above) i...