Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Janice and Billy's Humanist Wedding at the Open Arms in Dirleton

Billy and Janice got in touch with me in June to ask if I could conduct their wedding in August. They don't hang about, this pair! 

As Billy wrote in his homework, "Janice and I met on a cruise to Svalbard.  We would meet on deck and talk.  I remember at times thinking I wish she would give me peace so I could get on with trying to watch wildlife. Then I realised she had eyes like a hawk. A memorable time was had as we sailed towards Norway coming out of thick fog like coming out of a curtain into clear blue skies at midnight. Looking back north into the sun, we could see whales breaching out of the water and splashing back into the sea."

About a week before the wedding, I got a bit of a shock when Janice contacted me to say that Billy had broken his knee, but that she fully expected him to get to the wedding - "splint, stookie, wheelchair, whatever it takes!"

Of course, Billy did make it to The Open Arms, and it was a deeply emotional day for everyone. Janice sent me these photos, with a wee note of thanks to say, "Billy and I have headed off to Arran on honeymoon, and to relax. The event really can be exhausting - even when your mantra is - we are keeping things simple!"

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