Friday, 4 May 2012

Step by Step Guide to a Humanist Wedding no. 11 - Photography

Photography is a really important part of your day, so my ground rule is to let your snappers go wherever they need to get those great shots you want.

Keren and her dad captured by Sylwia of Crofts and Kowalczyk Photography

I also suggest that they take my POV (or point of view as we civilians call it) for the entrance of the bridal party, so the back of my head doesn't spoil the shot...

Talking of the entrance of the bride, one thing that drives photographers CRAZY is when your guests stick their iPads and iPhones into the aisle, and spoil your catwalk moment. 

This graphic illustration comes courtesy of Trevor Wilson of Silver Photography
I've written at length about the dos and don'ts of social media etiquette here
 but if you're paying good money for a top pro, it makes sense to ask your guests not to spoil the shot...

There are one or two other angles some photographers overlook.

All lenses swivel on the entrance of the bride - of course they do, it's the big moment. But at the other end of the room, there's an amazing photo that's very rarely captured - the expression on the face of the groom.

This is George, captured by Rod Irvine as his gorgeous bride Carol walked into the John Muir Grove down at The Botanic Gardens…

Another shot we don't often see is this one: the reverse to the audience. 
Most photographers focus almost exclusively on you, to the exclusion of your guests, which is a shame because after the ceremony, it's lovely to see how your ceremony made them feel.

If you really want to break the rules, get the photographer to stand directly behind me as I pronounce you husband and wife.

I always get out of the way very quickly...

so you get to see yourselves and your guests being really happy all in the one shot!

When it comes to signing the Marriage Schedule, some people love to strike a pose, but that may not be your style. 

Decide what you want, and tell your photographer. Documentary style often gives great results.

Finally, I've noticed that a lot of photographers take a break once the bride and groom have signed the Marriage Schedule, which is a missed opportunity: it's nice for your witnesses to have a record of their big moment - especially if you choose to ask your mums, like Iona and Nigel…

Good luck, and bye bye for now!

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