Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Getting married in Scotland if you live overseas

I just got an email from a couple who are coming all the way from the USA to marry near Edinburgh later this year, and what they say may be of interest if you're not in the UK.

...handling the registrar is easy, but dealing with the British Consulate to get the visa is a NIGHTMARE.  

Basically, they will not tell you how long the visa is going to take to get, and there is no one you can talk to about the process once it's started: you are at their complete mercy.  They also do not advertise that you can arrange for expedited service from a company called Worldbridge until after you have sent the application in and it is too late to do so!  We are just crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

Thanks for the heads up, guys - I just hope you get it all sorted in time!

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