Friday, 14 May 2010

I Feel A Song Comin' On...

I'm just about to go out to a wedding rehearsal, and just reading the script made me smile and remember the many many different songs people have chosen to sing at their wedding. Here's my not-quite Top Ten, pop-pickers

In at number 10, The Ramones

Down to 9 from last week's number 4, It Must Be Love, by Labi Siffre

At 8 with a bullet, Andy Williams, Can't Take My Eyes Off You

This week's 7, All You Need Is Love, by The Beatles

And at number 6, from my Dutch-Scottish wedding, Zij Geloof in Mij

we'll be right back with the top 5 after the break

1 comment:

Jen Hancock - A Happy Humanist said...

Too funny that the Ramones are that popular - who would have thunk it. All I remember from the music from our wedding reception was that our friend a bagpiper played a jam with the cajun band we had hired.

Looking forward to finding out what the top 5 are.

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