Saturday, 29 August 2009

Camille & Virginia's Humanist Wedding in the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh

Camille & Virginia's wedding wasn't the first outdoor wedding that I've conducted half in French and half in English, and it wasn't the first I've done in the Botanics either, but it was the first time I've done it under threat from an imminent thunder storm. Unlike most couples, they chose to arrive together, which was a nice touch.

The French guests were vraiment d├ęcontract├ęs, and unlike the douce Scots & English contingent, who all sat down and behaved themselves, they wandered around and stood wherever they felt like, which was great and made for an extremely informal and romantic atmosphere.

I was particularly impressed when Camille's dad got his guitar out and serenaded the happy couple as they signed the marrriage schedule.

And it was only as Virginia and Camille kissed that we felt the first drops of the storm - perfect timing on a glorious summer's day.

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zornhau said...

It was a splendid wedding, enlivened by the otter sporran... :)

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