Thursday, 13 November 2008

Deborah & Brian's Humanist Wedding at Edinburgh Castle

Every so often a large attachment hits my inbox - if I'm lucky, it's from a couple I married months before sending me some shots from their wedding. Back in freezing cold, wet January, Deborah and Brian chose to come here all the way from Cheshire and Connecticut to marry in the historic setting of Edinburgh Castle. I made the mistake of waiting on the esplanade to greet them and now I know why those army kilts are so heavy.

Sadly, Deborah's parents weren't able to be there due to illness, but Brian who understands words like 'webcast' and 'bit rate' rigged up an internet camera so they could be with us in a virtual sense.

They look great, don't they? And they're coming back to Edinburgh for their anniversary - VisitScotland should give them an award!

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Brian said...

and I'm still waiting for my award from VisitScotland! Thanks for making our day so special.
Brian and Deborah

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