Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sarah & Robert's Humanist Wedding at Linlithgow Palace

I love this shot of the vault at Linlithgow Palace; a now roofless masterpiece of mediaeval architecture, (deliberately set on fire by Butcher Cumberland en route to Culloden) it was a very atmospheric setting for Robert & Sarah's wedding.

Robert & Sarah's story was very romantic. When they were only in their teens, they both worked in the same supermarket after school. Robert even used to check to the schedules to find out what shifts Sarah was working, but they didn't actually get together for another 12 years.

They each wrote part of their vows in secret and read them out to one another on the day - this was very moving and really heightened the emotional tension, well captured in these shots by Kate Chandler and Callum Bennetts.

Juliet and I have worked out about eight different ways in which people can say their vows, but I think this is my favourite. It's often the first time the couples' voices have been heard during the ceremony and no matter how quietly they speak, everyone can hear how they feel, which is really what we're all there for.

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Anonymous said...

A lovely description of our wedding Tim, thank you for all your help! It was everything we could have wished for! Sarah

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